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So they say one of the main rules of being a musician is that you should always keep your website up to date, and if you go too long without making things current for visitors, they will consider you as no longer active and relevant.

Well then...if that's true, I'm afraid you'll have to color me irrelevant.

The past year has been a crazy one, with lots of time being spent learning the art of programming, a big move from one city to another, and lots of personal things that have gotten in the way of me devoting my time to my main love: music. That being said, I have in no way forgotten my musical aspirations....they were just slowly cooking in the background, and painstaking progress has indeed been made, just creeping along in the shadows.

Today, one of those long-cooking pots reaches full boil, and I am happy to finally announce the mystery cover tune that has been over a year in the making: "Let's Get It On," one of my favorite Marvin Gaye songs. All your (and my) favorite Cherry peeps are back: Zach Comtois on guitar, Erin Craig on organ, Ryan Ross on drums, and my good friend Andrew Nault mixing and mastering the hell out the whole thing.

So, here it is....a new Greedy Cherry track! I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. And more songs are on the way... I promise. ;)


As promised, here is your update regarding the cover tune vocal recording session: it happened today!

Spent a few hours over at master engineer Andrew Nault's home studio, and we layed down some new takes for the Cherry's mystery cover tune. We'll spend the next month or so comping those takes and getting everything in order so it sounds fabulous.....then mixing! Stay's taking some time, but there's definitely more to come.....


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Hope yours is good so far. Lots happening here at Greedy Cherry's an update!

We still have two tracks in the works, one of which is a cover tune. The instruments are all tracked and completed, and we'll be laying down vocals for the song shortly with our good friend and engineer Andrew Nault. More updates on this soon....

Video shoot photo

Work is still proceeding on the video we shot last month. Basic tracks have been completed, but more needs to be recorded and tightened up, while our friend and videographer Mathew Tucciarone works on splicing the footage together. Just for fun, we've included a still from the session here!

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Cherry has taken another month or so off from his blog, The Cherry Lounge, but word on the street is that he shall return shortly to give you more of his unique perspective on music, music history, and the industry in general. Keep checking back, and stay's cold out there!


Well, it finally happened! We shot our first music video! With the help of videographer Mathew Tucciarone, we have some footage in the we just need to edit and mix and all of that other boring but necessary stuff. We'll get back to you with more details when we have the meantime, you can check out a picture from the shoot here on our Facebook page!


Hello everyone! Here's the latest from The Cherry...

Our cover tune is being lovingly mixed as we speak by recording engineer extraordinaire Andrew Nault, who was responsible for the mixes on our "EP" release, so you know it will be good. Once the mix is solidified, we'll get the little guy can probably look for this track to be released at the beginning of 2013.

In addition, "Change Is Good" has now been completed lyrically, and we're getting ready to try and track the song. We've also locked down a "yes" from a videographer, so it looks like our first ever music video will be happening after all! We're pretty excited, and we'll give you more details as we get them....including a picture from the video sessions if we can. Stay tuned!


It's time for your October update! We've got our still-secret cover tune in process, so we hope to unveil that song before too long (and we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it! At least we hope so! ;)). In the meantime, work has started on another original entitled "Change Is Good". The lyrics are currently being written, and this one may even come with an accompanying video! It would be our first official video ever, so we really hope we can make that happen. We promise to keep everyone posted!


Exactly one month after our last update, things have slowed a little bit, but are still moving forward. Mixing and editing has started on our fabulous cover tune, and, if you need further proof, go to our Facebook page and check out a picture of the mix session itself! If you can read the waveforms and tell us what tune it is a cover of, we'll give you a prize....;)

In the meantime, after a summer off, the Cherry Lounge is back open for business! Check out our latest entry, discussing the legacy of the Beatles and featuring a link to a song by a new artist who can certainly turn out one excellent cover tune herself!


UPDATE: Our good friend Zach was kind enough to stop by the studios and throw some excellent acoustic rhythm guitar on our new cover tune, as well as some tasty licks on solo electric that would make the most old school bluesman blush. And just yesterday, Mike laid down some lead vocals. It's always anyone's guess what will survive the editing process, but things are looking pretty good! We'll give you more information as it becomes available...


Hey there, kiddies! Everyone have a good summer? We sure did....accidentally took the whole thing off, as a matter of fact (sorry about that). But the good news is that new tracks have now been laid down! Still working on original songs for a new EP or CD, but decided that enough was enough.....SOMEthing had to be recorded! So we picked out a really groovy tune by a classic artist and decided to play around a little with a special cover version.

The next step was calling the Greedy Cherry faithful back into service, and, no matter how far away they were, they responded! Our drummer extraordinaire Ryan Ross just turned in his drum tracks, and Mike's bass parts hit the hard drive soon thereafter. We'd almost forgotten how much fun recording was! :)

More updates as things come together! Stay tuned!


Posted a new blog entry yesterday about a very important topic to all of us who call ourselves musicians: the state of the music industry itself. The ReThink Music Conference came to Boston this past week, and from talking to friends who went and mulling things over a little ourselves, there are definitely some good things - and some seriously bad ones - to think about in regards to where things stand. There are more opportunities than ever before to make music, and yet fewer opportunities to succeed, it would seem. Anyway, read our entry yourself and leave us some thoughts, won't you?


Well, it was bound to happen eventually! Facebook finally let Timeline take over our little Greedy Cherry page, so we responded with a bold new header (or as they now like to call it, a "cover photo"). Take a look and tell us what you think! (We're really good at taking constructive criticism. Then again, we also don't mind a compliment or two....;))


Sometimes, folks, songwriting is hard. Trying to finish up a new song, and dropped another verse in last night...but it's certainly slow going. If we can get that darned bridge worked out, we'll have another new one under our belt! Still looking forward to bringing you some new material, so stay with'll happen eventually, we promise!


Wow, it's amazing how time flies when you're not paying attention! Wasn't it just Christmas last week or something? Geez, we've gotta get a calendar or watch or something....

Momentum is building towards some new tunes here at Greedy Cherry HQ. Actually have a few smaller videos planned; some more intimate performances....maybe a little acoustic sumthin' sumthin'? Check back soon and we'll see what we can get filmed for you. In the meantime, another new old video up on the YouTube page....a performance of our EP's first single, "No Excuse." Check it out and let us know what you think!

Mr. Cherry has also been keeping up with his blogging duties in our official place for musical commentary and opinions, The Cherry Lounge. We've registered our most hits in a single day with his latest post on the unfortunate death of Whitney Houston. You can read and leave your comments too by clicking here.

Well, that's all for now! Keep checking back....more tasty stuff on the way....


Another video added to the ol' YouTube page....a slow, bluesy version of Bill Withers' classic hit, Ain't No Sunshine. You checking these out? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or two on the page there for us, won't you?

Still working on songs for the next EP....more news as soon as we get it. Keep checking back, true believers!


Hey there, kiddies! Been keeping up on the newest Greedy Cherry performance videos we've been posting intermittently to our YouTube page? If not, you should head there now...we've put up a couple more since our last entry here: a straight cover of Steely Dan's "Josie," and an improvisational jazz reworking of Def Leppard's "Hysteria" are ready for you to go check out and drop your comments on. So that thing, won't you?

Also of interest, today we got our first official music blog review! A fine young man named Jester Jay Goldman included "No Excuse" in his list of "October Singles", a monthly grouping of short song reviews of tunes that have caught his attention during the month in question. We're honored to be included, and think you should not only check out our little review, but should also take some time to poke around his blog to find other tasty nuggets. We have actually enjoyed some of Jay's past music reviews of various songs and albums ourselves, so we feel it's a recommendation worth making.

Mr. Cherry, meanwhile, is still writing up some tunes for that second CD, so keep checking back for more info and a sound snippet or two. Thanks again for all your support, and we'll talk to you all again real soon!


Some exciting news to report from Greedy Cherry HQ today, all you happy campers! Two bits of news, actually, so let's get right to it!

YouTube Logo

First, today we finally got around to setting up a nice little YouTube account for ourselves. Seems like video is all the rage with the kids nowadays, so we decided to get with it and join in the fun! We set up our page and even uploaded our first video too...a live 2008 performance of Freddie King's "Hoochie Coochie Man"! (We even lovingly crafted a nice little link to simplify your journey to our page, and stuck it up there at the top of our website on our fabulous telecommunications globe.) Make sure you go and take a listen...and then leave us a comment, or "like" the video....or whatever it is you crazy kids do on YouTube.

Secondly, we can now announce (with as much certainty as anyone can manage in these situations) that the wheels have begun turning on our second EP! Tunes are starting to be picked out, new songs written, and "to do" lists are being stay tuned to our website for further details! We'll keep you posted as things happen, you can bet on that!

Thanks again for all your support! We certainly appreciate it, and can't wait to get you more tasty tunes to listen to!


Bandcamp Logo

Today, Greedy Cherry happily joins the burgeoning community of musicians on Bandcamp! There's a whole page set up for the "EP" release, where you can go to download the lead track "No Excuse" for free, or download the whole album at a price of your choosing!

Full lyrics for each song and a listing of musician credits are also up on the page, so go here (or click on that little Bandcamp link to the left over there) and check it out!


Well, the grand experiment has come to an end...a month straight (more or less) of one blog entry a day! We certainly hope you have enjoyed some of the topics Mr. Cherry covered and the music or video links he left for you, and we thank you for any kind comments or questions you may have left us along the way.

Keep checking in with the Cherry Lounge when you can for more tasty blogging goodness! Just because we won't be doing it every day anymore doesn't mean we won't be doing it often...


Do you like experiments? Good, because we've got one for you to enjoy! For the next 30 days, Mr. Cherry has decided that he will attempt to write one blog entry a day, discussing and debating the latest in news, music, and whatever else enters his mind. We've been told maintaining a strict blogging regimen is hard to stick to, but he's decided to try it out nonetheless. Won't you join in the experiment?

Head over to the Cherry Lounge daily to catch the latest thoughts and hopefully coherent ramblings from Mr. Cherry...and don't forget to leave a comment or two about what you've read. He does so love feedback! See you in the Lounge!


Exactly one month after our last update, Mr. Cherry brings you news that is both sad and happy at the same time. The list of nominees was finally released by the Independent Music Awards for their 10th annual awards, and, unfortunately, Greedy Cherry did not make the cut with our debut CD "EP." Yes, we're a little sad, to be honest, but there is good news as well!

International Music Awards Logo

As it turns out, some friends and former colleagues of Mr. Cherry's did make the cut, and we'd love to have you check their work out and throw some support their way. This matters because in addition to the awards the IMA gives out on its own, there is also a contest where the fans can listen to the nominated artists and cast votes for their favorites. They call these awards the "fan-selected" winners, oddly enough, and we truly and honestly believe that these friends of ours in the industry are worthy of your support. Won't you check them out and throw them your precious vote?

Singer/songwriter Zack Orr hails from Pennsylvania (to which he has recently returned after some time out west), and his nominated record "Francisco The Man" is a concept album (which, of course, explains why it's nominated in the "Concept Album" category) that holds "twelve songs in twelve keys for the twelve months in a year." It's pretty tasty, as is his first record from 2003, "The Unstoppable Lift." We'd suggest you check out both.

"Songs For The People" is a nominated album in the "World Traditional" category by Christiane Karam & ZiLZALA, a Boston-based Middle Eastern Ensemble that has played to full-capacity crowds in both Boston and New York, and was a two-time nominee for "Best World Music Act in Boston" by the Phoenix Best Music Poll. Christiane, who came to the United States from Lebanon, is also a teacher at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, and just generally a pretty wonderful and talented person. We promise!

Finally, in the "Love Song" category, our old friend Seth Glier is nominated for his track "Naia," off his 2009 album "The Trouble With People." While we sheepishly admit we haven't heard this entire record yet, or his newly-released "The Next Right Thing," we have indeed heard his 2007 release "Sojourn," and can tell you without hesitation what a talented songwriter and singer he is. Hell, Livingston Taylor said that Seth is responsible for the "greatest pop songwriting since Billy Joel"! What more do you need to hear to check this guy out?

Okay, so go here to access the "IMA Vox Pop Jukebox" (I know, strange name, right?) and cast your vote. Choose a category from the column on the left, listen to the nominees, register (yes, it's a requirement), and then vote for your favorite artist!

And by favorite artist, of course, we mean those people we just listed above.

And cross your fingers while you're at it...the nominees for the International Songwriting Competition will be announced soon, and we've got a horse in that race as well. Here's hoping! Check back soon for the final results...


Hey there! Sorry it's been so long since you've heard from us, but we've been busy! The new year has brought new happenings in the Greedy Cherryverse, so let's catch you up on the latest...

Viinyl Logo

First, you can now find a page for our lead single "No Excuse" on a new website that is testing in beta. It's called Viinyl, and the idea is to have artists create song-based websites to help brand and promote their songs (or, as they put it, a platform to turn "your song into an interactive website - a digital version of the 45rpm single"). You can find our page for "No Excuse" here. (The song is even available as a FREE download, and all we ask in return is your e-mail address!) We're excited to be a part of something new and growing!

SoundCloud Logo

Also, Mr. Cherry had been hearing quite a bit about the music site SoundCloud in the past few months, so he finally decided to join up and post all his songs there. Feel free to go here and listen to all the tracks from our latest EP...mark one as your favorite, leave a comment, or share with your friends!

More to come in the weeks ahead...stay tuned, and thanks for your support!


So, hey....did you know that Greedy Cherry is now on Because....uh....we are!



Great news! We are pleased to announce that as of today, Greedy Cherry is officially an affiliate member of the performing rights organization SESAC! Unlike bigger PROs, SESAC thrives on a "Jerry Maguire"-type philosophy, taking fewer clients and maintaining a higher level of selectiveness while being able to give superior one-on-one service to those clients they do sign. And just what exactly does a performing rights organization DO, you ask?


According to SESAC's website (which I think sums the matter up nicely), PROs "are businesses designed to represent songwriters and publishers and their right to be compensated for having their music performed in public." So, essentially, if one of Greedy Cherry's songs gets played on the radio, or used in a television commercial, or performed in a live venue, SESAC makes sure we get paid! And money, of course, helps us keep this whole music-making career thing going...

Mr. Cherry is honored to be accepted into the SESAC ranks, and looks forward to a long and prosperous affiliation!


Well, after a long, hard week of work, most of you are ready to lay back, relax, and get some seriously-deserved down time under your belts this weekend. As for us, the Greedy Cherry train keeps chugging onward and rests not (as Yoda might say).

For instance, today Mr. Cherry joined ReverbNation and began setting up our very own band page! We'll probably use the group mailing function to start sending out monthly updates to all the people on our mailing list, and that EPK feature looks mighty tempting....we'll see about setting one of those up shortly. In the meantime, to see our page, click here, or use the graphic link in the left-hand column!


Today we submitted our new CD, "EP," to the 10th annual Independent Music Awards. We entered our little musical prize into a new (yet appropriately titled, we thought) category for 2010, "Music EP." Lots of great artists have made the list of winners in the past decade, and we hope to join their ranks! Nominees will be announced in December, with winners to be posted in February.

How will we do? Only time will tell! Stay tuned.....


Today an e-mail arrived from a guy named DJ Frederick, who operates a radio show/podcast called "The Village Green" from Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire. On his show, DJ Frederick plays local and regional music from New England artists, and he was writing to ask if Greedy Cherry would mind being included in one of his upcoming shows!

"Well, of course not," Mr. Cherry replied.

Therefore, at some point in the next month, the songs "William Isaac" (from the new CD) and "Hoochie Coochie Man" (a live track, found exclusively on our Myspace page) will be on-air and broadcast to those in New London, New Hampshire, and the surrounding states! So keep your ears open to "The Village Green", broadcast on WSCS, 90.9 on your FM dial. And thanks for your support!


So do you listen to a lot of internet radio? If so, maybe you've heard of Jango is a custom radio station which plays, much like Pandora, music based on your selection of artists you enjoy. The unique thing here is that new, upcoming artists can pay a small fee to have their music put into the rotation with established artists, thereby opening up a new avenue with which to expose potential new fans to their songs!

All of this is just to say that as of today, Greedy Cherry is now in the Jango lineup. So head on over to and check out a site that, as a PC WORLD review said, "makes it fun to discover new music." Who knows....maybe you'll even hear a Greedy Cherry tune pop up between two of your favorite songs!


And the Greedy Cherry empire expands....

As of today, "EP" is officially available on iTunes and Amazon! If you haven't landed a copy of the year's most eclectic CD yet, feel free to grab it at these very popular shopping destinations. Or, you can download it one track at a time over the next month or so....maybe today you're partial to a lovely bossa nova and can pay your 99 cents to give yourself something to sip margaritas to. Tomorrow may be a funk day....I'd suggest "No Excuse." Collect all five tracks as the mood strikes!

More updates as they arrive...


Well, this is great news! It hasn't even been a week yet, and already we've received a request from CD Baby for more copies of "EP," as they seem to have sold out! Of course, we're only MORE than happy to oblige the request...

We would like to take this moment to humbly thank each and every one of you who has visited the site, clicked on the links, left comments or e-mail addresses, and, most relevant to this post, bought copies of our little CD. Getting our music into as many people's ears as possible is our main mission here, so anything you can do to further the cause is most appreciated! Perhaps give a copy as a gift as Christmas approaches? Play your favorite songs for coworkers or friends? Get our logo tattooed on your body and run naked down the....uh.....

Nevermind. Just know that we appreciate ALL of you! :)


Okay, so did you know that even though this website is brand new, the official release date of our first CD, coyly and accurately named "EP," was September 1st? Hey, we had to put SOMEthing down in those blanks on Discmakers' website when they asked when the CD was released! Besides, it's pretty accurate. We did have the CDs here at Greedy Cherry headquarters then...the website just wasn't ready yet.

The real question here, of course, is this: do you have your own copy of "EP" yet? If not, there are a few lonely links over there to the left just waiting to be clicked on......


And so it begins...

Now that the website is up and the CD is manufactured and ready to roll out to the masses, Mr. Cherry thought it would be nice to begin his plans for world domination with a submission into the International Songwriting Competition. "No Excuse," the first track off our brand new "EP" release, was entered into the category of Adult Album Alternative (referred to by industry types as "AAA", NOT the motor club). We did this only because "Eclectic As Hell" wasn't an officially listed category.

The International Songwriting Competition has been around for nine years, founded by Candace Avery, a 20-year veteran of the music industry. Avery, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, has also founded a few other high-profile events that foster and encourage new musical talent, such as the NEMO Music Festival and the Boston Music Awards. For a list of some of the amazing musicians and industry folk that act as judges for this contest, click here.

Anyway, finalists are announced in February, winners in April. Check back next year to see how we did!


Testing, this thing on?


So, welcome ladies and gentlemen! You have arrived at the preeminent destination for tasty, genre-busting music. Your guide through this journey will be our very own Mr. Cherry. Step right up....don't be shy!

First things first. If you want to listen to the music right away, the best way to do that is to click on the little Myspace logo up there on the left side of the globe. While our songs are indeed located in other places, this link is the quickest way to get to listening post haste...and there's even an audio extra or two you won't find anywhere else located there! So click on over and enjoy...and then come back and let us know what you thought by putting a comment on our reviews page! Or perhaps you could show us your affinity by purchasing a copy of the EP...

Which brings us to second things second. You can buy the brand new EP (and we really wish you would) by clicking one of the purchase options over there to your left. Two of these will take you straight to websites where you can effortlessly give us five bucks and then download the entirety of the album (including, on DigStation, the CD artwork in PDF format). Of course, some of you may prefer an actual, physical copy of the CD. To you, we say "Ah.....old skool! Nicely done."

If you wish to have us send you a physical copy, that is absolutely, positively no problem. Just click on the Paypal or CDBaby icons over there on the left, fill out the appropriate boxes when asked, and your order will be sent directly to Mr. Cherry. He's pretty good at taking and processing mail orders, so let him know how many copies you want (there's a little extra for postage, of course...we're not philanthropists yet), and he'll make sure those hit the post office as soon as cherrily possible. He may even throw in a little something extra....a doodle, a signature on the cover, whatever you need that he can provide. Just ask! He's very accomodating when he's in a good mood. And he's ALWAYS in a good mood when he's getting his music out to the masses!

Well, that's it for now. Poke around the site, check out the links, sign up for the mailing list, make a comment or two.....hell, buy an EP for Pete's sake. We've got more delicious tuneage to bring you...but we'll need more cash to finish up the rest of the songs and do the next CD. So be a sport and do your ears a favor, eh? We promise they'll appreciate it...

Until next time...get greedy! Catch the cherry!