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And The Critics Say

Great news! In addition to the fan feedback below, we just received our first review in a music blog, one run by music afficianado Jester Jay Goldman. A Greedy Cherry tune got picked for one of Jay's "October Singles" reviews, and you can check out Jay's full take on "No Excuse" by visiting his blog here.

In the meantime, let's add a bit of his review below, shall we? (I thought so.) And let's keep your feedback coming too! Just fill out the little boxes below and hit "Submit Comment," and see your thoughts posted here! Thanks, and keep listening!

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Lead off track "No Excuse" was my favorite song from "EP". The solid funk groove opens with a Temptations-style bass line, but once it gets underway, it incorporates tasty guitar work and beautiful organ lines.
Jester Jay Goldman (Music blogger,

I do like what you are doing.
Ron Nevison (Producer/Engineer - Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Heart, Chicago)

Good stuff. I really liked "No Excuse" (especially that hooky bass part), and in fact, I liked them all.
Scott James (

The songs sound like you took great care and tenderness with each of them--which is such a treat for weary/jaded ears.
Emily Peal - Singer/Songwriter/Musician (New York, NY)

So glad the site is up and running! Yay for 'Music the way nature intended' - Here's to more live gigs and the complete album!!
Annette Philip (Boston, MA)

"Baby..." is very catchy. Like "No Excuse" and "Lion's Den". A clear voice to tell the story in music. Love the cherry.
Betty Cheng (Hong Kong, China)

It sounds so the kids say in SF, it "cuts hella hard!"
Mariko Miyakawa (San Francisco, CA)

Your versatility with the genres is quite impressive! Overall, very original and catchy stuff...
Danielle Samson (Revere, MA)

Love the "Bossa Mysterioso" and the "Lion's Den"! Can't wait for the full album!
Nadine Bourgeois (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)